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Hillarys School Excursion: Fisheries Management

This interactive activity gives students an overview of some of the fisheries management tools the Department applies to recreational fishing activity to sustainably manage our aquatic resources.

Resource type: School ExcursionLast updated: 14.12.2022

Fact Sheet: Mangroves

Mangrove forests are one of Australia's most geographically widespread ecosystems. They provide a crucial role in the protection of Australia's coastline as well as being vital for the biological health and productivity of Australia's coastal waters.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 26.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Cambridge Gulf

The Pentecost, Durack, King, Ord and Forrest rivers converge into an estuary system to form a vast swirling mass of crocodile-infested muddy water - collectively referred to as the Cambridge Gulf.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 17.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Prince Frederick Harbour

Cruising along the coast, it can be difficult to fathom the true scale of the Kimberley, with thousands of islands, inlets, bays, rivers and creeks. It is not until you enter the huge bay of Prince Frederick Harbour that you are given a real appreciation for the dimensions of the Kimberley coast.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 12.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Buccaneer Archipelago

From Collier Bay to King Sound just north of Derby, lies a group of 800 or more scattered islands and low-lying reef known as the Buccaneer Archipelago. Lying crumpled and creased, the archipelago’s shores are notched with a myriad of mangrove estuaries, bays and sand beaches, plunging cliffs and rocky masses, rugged headlands and islands, and innumerable hidden reefs.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 11.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Camden Sound

A favourite stopover for cruise vessels on the Kimberley coast. Camden Sound is a labyrinth of red cliffs and mangrove lined bays and inlets, dotted with small islands and rocky outcrops.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 08.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Rowley Shoals

Rowley Shoals is a coral garden of Eden, with shelf atolls, coral gardens and giant clams famed as pristine and surpassing some of Australia's better known reefs.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 08.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Eighty Mile Beach

Imagine an isolated beach of endless white sand, seashells and turquoise waters, stretching so far it would take more than a week to walk its length. Aptly named, Eighty Mile Beach is indeed long, stretching 220 kilometres and renowned as Australia's longest uninterrupted beach.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 08.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Talbot Bay

• An embayment of exceptional scenic beauty in the Kimberley.
• Horizontal Waterfalls is described by Sir David Attenborough as “one of the greatest natural wonders of the world”, where massive tides create intense currents between two narrow gorges resulting in a waterfall effect that is horizontal rather than vertical.
• Turtle Reef is a flourishing reef that survives in turbid intertidal conditions, challenging scientific dogma that corals need clear, oceanic water to prosper.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 06.05.2020

Fishy Fun Sheet: Fishy Destiny – Maze

Follow the a-maze-ing journey of Freddy the fish.

Resource type: Fishy Fun SheetLast updated: 27.04.2020

Fishy Fun Sheet: Indian Ocean Territories – Word Search

Use your best detective skills to find the hidden words in the puzzle.

Resource type: Fishy Fun SheetLast updated: 07.06.2019

Poster: Christmas Island

Christmas Island is 2,650 kilometres north-west of Perth, Western Australia and is part of the Indian Ocean Territories (IOTs).

Resource type: PosterLast updated: 06.06.2019

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