The aim of Marine Waters is to provide a range of experiences that will develop knowledge, awareness, skills and attitudes that lead to individual behaviours consistent with living sustainably in our marine environment.

As well as teachers and students, Marine Waters provides the community, with marine education resources and the opportunity to participate in field-based marine science activities. These will give participants the knowledge and skills that will enable them to make better decisions about what they do in and the impact they have on the coastal and marine environment.

For the wider community, learning more about the marine environment leads to greater understanding and awareness.  An informed community is essential in building understanding and support for management decisions. To achieve a growth in environmental awareness and behavioural change, it is vital that people understand the science driving many of the decisions made by natural resource managers – that’s where Marine Waters plays a key role.

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Invertebrate species


Other vertebrate species

Oceanic and atmospheric processes




Sustainability and human impacts

Marine and coastal management

Recreational fishing

Commercial fishing