Marine Waters aims to provide a range of experiences that will develop knowledge, awareness, skills and attitudes that lead to individual behaviours consistent with living with our marine environment in a sustainable manner.

It provides students and educators with the opportunity to participate in both field-based and classroom teaching-learning programs. These will give students the knowledge and skills that will enable them to make better decisions about what they do and the impact they have on the coastal and marine environment.

Lessons available in Marine Waters give students the tools to address outcomes across the Western Australian Curriculum. Furthermore, by modifying the activities, teachers may be able to address additional learning area outcomes or adapt them for use by students at an earlier or later phase of development. Teachers can also adapt activities to suit a particular topic they are exploring or to link them to alternative themes they are investigating with students.

Marine Waters provides an avenue to anyone in the community with an interest in the aquatic environment to begin, or further their learning journey about the unique marine environment in Western Australia.

Western Australians can now easily learn more about the environment that they live and play in. Learning more about this environment leads to greater understanding and awareness, so that the community can better interact with the marine environment. An informed community is essential to building enthusiasm and support for management decisions.

To achieve this awareness and behavioural change, it is vital that we understand the science driving many of the decisions made by natural resource managers. That’s where Marine Waters plays its important role.