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Fact Sheet: Roebuck Bay

With an exceptionally large tidal range, Roebuck Bay is one moment a sublime seascape, and the next, an incredibly vast mudflat that shimmers with heat mirages under the tropical sun.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 12.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Buccaneer Archipelago

From Collier Bay to King Sound just north of Derby, lies a group of 800 or more scattered islands and low-lying reef known as the Buccaneer Archipelago. Lying crumpled and creased, the archipelago’s shores are notched with a myriad of mangrove estuaries, bays and sand beaches, plunging cliffs and rocky masses, rugged headlands and islands, and innumerable hidden reefs.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 11.05.2020

Fun Fact Sheet: Giant Trevally

Of the large trevally family, the most well-known is the Giant Trevally.

Resource type: Fun Fact SheetLast updated: 01.04.2020

Lesson: Go Fishing

Students will attempt to manage a sustainable fishery with pressures from increasing technology and fishing efficiency.

Resource type: LessonLast updated: 03.10.2019

Lesson: Fishing Chasey

Students will simulate a commercial fishing operation to learn the importance of managing commercial fisheries in an ecologically sustainable manner.

Resource type: LessonLast updated: 03.10.2019

Fact Sheet: Bycatch

What is bycatch? The accidental capture of unwanted or non-targeted fish or other animals. This fact sheet outlines what is bycatch and what the fishing industry is doing to reduce it through bycatch reduction devices and modified fishing equipment.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 22.08.2019

Fact Sheet: Commercial Fishing

Where do you get your seafood?
Do you catch it, or is it handed over the fence by your fishing obsessed neighbour or do you buy it from your local fishmonger or supermarket?

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 18.06.2019

Fun Fact Sheet: Artemia

Artemia is a small crustacean that is used around the world as fish food for aquaculture (fish farming) and aquarium feeds. They get the name sea monkeys because they are excellent acrobats!

Resource type: Fun Fact SheetLast updated: 07.06.2019

Fishy Fun Sheet: Bycatch – Word Search

Bycatch, trawling and sustainability. Use your best detective skills to find the hidden words in the puzzle.

Resource type: Fishy Fun SheetLast updated: 07.06.2019

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