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Fact Sheet: Abalone

Abalone are a family of reef-dwelling marine snails which are the target in Western Australia of a lucrative export commercial fishery and one of the world's shortest recreational fishing seasons.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 09.06.2022

Fact Sheet: Six Seasons of Yawuru

The Yawuru people, are the Traditional Owners of Roebuck Bay. They have cultural rules and responsibilities about how we use and look after the country, plants and animals.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 10.03.2022

Fact Sheet: Mangroves

Mangrove forests are one of Australia's most geographically widespread ecosystems. They provide a crucial role in the protection of Australia's coastline as well as being vital for the biological health and productivity of Australia's coastal waters.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 26.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Prince Frederick Harbour

Cruising along the coast, it can be difficult to fathom the true scale of the Kimberley, with thousands of islands, inlets, bays, rivers and creeks. It is not until you enter the huge bay of Prince Frederick Harbour that you are given a real appreciation for the dimensions of the Kimberley coast.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 12.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Buccaneer Archipelago

From Collier Bay to King Sound just north of Derby, lies a group of 800 or more scattered islands and low-lying reef known as the Buccaneer Archipelago. Lying crumpled and creased, the archipelago’s shores are notched with a myriad of mangrove estuaries, bays and sand beaches, plunging cliffs and rocky masses, rugged headlands and islands, and innumerable hidden reefs.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 11.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Algae

Algae are an extremely diverse group of photosynthetic organisms that are the basis for almost all food chains in the world's oceans.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 22.08.2019

Fishy Fun Sheet: Edible Ocean Model – Cooking activity

Edible ocean model. Make a tasty model of the deep ocean.

Resource type: Fishy Fun SheetLast updated: 07.06.2019

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