1 hour

Students will investigate an animal or plant that depends upon mangroves for survival.


Background information about mangroves may be found in the Fact Sheet: Mangroves and Poster: The Mysteries of Mangroves.

This lesson may be used as a standalone lesson, however it will also build on knowledge from the Lesson: What are mangroves?

In this lesson, students will complete research on a species found in the mangrove environment. Students could present their findings as a poster, a presentation or a written report.

The Student Worksheet: Mangrove creature feature will provide students will some guidance for information to be gathered during their research.

Western Australian curriculum

Science Science understanding Biological sciences ACSSU073, ACSSU043
English Language Expressing and developing ideas ACELA1498
English Literacy Creating texts ACELY1694, ACELY1704


  1. Allocate or ask students to choose a mangrove-dependent animal from the following list:
    • Barramundi
    • Estuarine crocodile
    • Mud crab
    • Mudskipper
    • Fiddler crab
    • Mangrove jack
    • Prawns
    • Archerfish
    • Other
  2. Provide students with Student Worksheet: Mangrove creature feature and allocate class time or as homework to complete. Discuss with students how findings should be presented.
  3. Provide students with an opportunity to present their findings to the class.


Abiotic, anaerobic, decomposers, detritus, ecosystem, food chain, food web, germinate, intertidal, mangrove, primary consumer, primary producer, productivity, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer