45 minutes

This activity will introduce what mangroves are, their basic biology and where they are found.


Background information about mangroves may be found in the Fact Sheet: Mangroves and Poster: The Mysteries of Mangroves.

This activity may be run using the internet or during a library session, or as a whole class discussion or comprehension activity, based on an informative book.

Teacher Resource Sheet: Mangrove flashcards is available for you to assist in promoting discussion.

Students will require a copy of Student Worksheet: What are mangroves?



Western Australian curriculum

Humanities and Social Sciences Knowledge and understanding Geography ACHASSK089
English Language Expressing and developing ideas ACELA1498
English Literacy Interacting with others ACELY1688, ACELY1709
Science Science understanding Biological sciences ACSSU043, ACSSU094


  1. Lead a discussion with students about mangroves. Has anyone seen a mangrove? Where do you find them? How would you describe a mangrove?
  2. Use Mangrove flashcards to help stimulate discussion.
  3. Provide students with Student Worksheet: What are mangroves? and allow time to search the internet or through informative books to collect the information.
  4. Engage students in a class discussion to share their responses.


Abiotic, anaerobic, decomposers, detritus, ecosystem, food chain, food web, germinate, intertidal, mangrove, primary consumer, primary producer, productivity, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer

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