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Students will learn about some of their favourite marine creatures through the popular game Bingo!


This lesson is intended to follow the Lesson: Who am I?

Some simple information about the species that will be encountered in the Bingo game can be found in the Teacher Resource Sheet: Calling Cards (for your chosen region). Further information about many of the species may be found in the Related Resources (below).

Teacher Resource Sheet: Calling Cards has been setup to print double sided – animal on the front and correlating information on the back of the card. (To print: set your printer settings to double sided, flip on short edge).

To play the game, you will require one copy of Teacher Resource Sheet: Calling Cards (for your chosen region) and one or two sets of Student Resource Sheets: Bingo Game Boards (for your chosen region), depending on the number of students you have and whether you plan to have them play the game individually or in pairs (each set of bingo boards has 15 different boards).

Each student (or pair of students) will also require nine counters.

ACELA1437, ACSSU017, ACSSU211, ACELA1470, ACELY1666


  1. Provide each student (or pair of students) with a Bingo board and set of counters.
  2. Explain the rules of the game to students – when the name of a marine creature is called out, have a look on your Bingo board and if you have that creature, put a counter on that space. When you have a counter on each of your spaces, you call out Bingo!
  3. Use the calling cards to call out each of the marine creatures until someone marks each of their spaces.
  4. You may like to allow the winning student to become the caller for the next game.
  5. Alternatively, you could call out the information on the back of the calling card to see if students can identify the organism and mark it on their board.
Teacher Resource Sheets:
Student Resource Sheets:



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