45 minutes

Students will use the descriptive language provided to create an image of a setting in the text 'Blueback'.


This lesson is part of a unit of work on the text Blueback. It assumes some previous study of the text has already been completed. View the full Unit here.

Students could use any medium to create their artwork.

Share students completed works with us by tagging us on social media.

Western Australian curriculum

English Language Expressing and developing ideas ACELA1512, ACELA1525
English Literature Literature and context ACELT1613
English Literature Responding to literature ACELT1621
The arts Visual arts Making ACAVAM115, ACAVAM116


  1. Revisit some of the imagery discussed in the Lesson: The language of Winton.
  2. Ask students to use the language to guide an artwork of a setting within the text – students may choose Longboat Bay, Mad Macka’s boat, Abel’s mothers property or underwater with Blueback.
  3. When artworks are complete, ask students to share the descriptions from the text that guided their work.
Extension – You may wish to explore the Japanese art form (fish printing), in the Lesson: Gyotaku 


imagery, art, english, descriptive language, blueback, longboat bay, setting, picture