School holidays are imminent and many families head off to the beach during this time. Have you ever visited the beach and wondered about the things you find washed up?

You may be familiar with our Beachcombers Education Kitwebsite, but have you seen the Species List?

Over the past few years, we’ve developed quite a library of photos of species we find washed up. These have been added to the Species List on the Beachcombers Education Kit website to provide you with additional images of species you may already be familiar with. In addition to this, we’re tagging the images with the bioregion you are most likely to find them in and are planning to add to our list with a variety of species from around the state, from our far north to the great south. Not all of these images have been added to the app however, so you will have to check out the website to see them.

The app has had an update with some introduced pests being added to it also. Keep a look out for these whenever you are in the aquatic environment and be sure to report any potential pests to FishWatch.

Looking for some beachcombing lessons to run in your classroom post holidays? Check this list out!