This week is Children’s Book Week, with the theme ‘Escape to Everywhere’. Join one of our favourite fish in the sea, the Rainbow Fish, on a journey to discover the deep sea in our Lesson Plan: Rainbow Fish – Ocean Zones.

In Activity 1, students share in a reading of the Marcus Pfister book Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea. Students then engage in a discussion about the various creatures they encounter in the story and the adaptations that they have that enable them to inhabit the deep ocean.

In the second activity, students get to create a tasty model of the different zones of the ocean. Using jellies of various flavours (and colours), they will create a model to show the deep ocean zones – the mesopelagic zone and epipelagic zones of the ocean, and the creatures that exists in these zones. Want to create a different marine habitat instead? Try our suggestions for creating an edible coral reef or seagrass habitat and share them with us on Facebook!