45 minutes

Students will identify some differences between imaginative and informative texts.


This lesson is intended to follow the Lesson: Sharing a Shell.

You will require a simple informative book to share about sea stars. The student worksheet provided has been based on the text, Sea Stars, however the information should be easily found in many informative books that include echinoderms or sea stars.

You should also have the book, Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson on hand for comparative purposes.

Students will require a copy of Student Worksheet: Fact or Fiction.

Recommended Resources 

Opie, R. 2004. Sea Stars, Era Publications, Flinders Park, SA.



  1. Recall the story Sharing a Shell. Can students remember what happened in the story? Was it informative or was it simply a story?
  2. Introduce students to the informative text you have chosen.
  3. Engage students in a discussion about the two texts:
    • Do you think the ‘stories’ in the two books will be different? how?
    • Are the pictures different?
  4. Share your informative text (or section of the text) with your students. Did they learn something about the creatures? Do they think what they learnt was true (real)? Were the words used, different to those used in Sharing a Shell?
  5. Provide students with Student Worksheet: Fact or Fiction. Discuss each of the statements provided and decide if it is a fact or from the fictional story.


fact, fiction, informative, imaginative, sharing a shell, sea stars, non-fiction

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