1 hour

Students will share stories about themselves or people they know to convey the social values of recreational fishing and coastal recreational activities in Western Australia.


Students will require a copy of Student Worksheet: My fishing story.


  1. Hold a class discussion about recreational fishing and it’s importance to the Western Australian way of life for its social amenity and economic benefit to the community.
  2. Ask students to recollect and share some of their favourite stories and experiences about when they have been fishing or visiting the coast.
  3. Ask students to choose their favourite personal experience and complete Student Worksheet: My fishing story. Students my need to ask family and friends for some of these details including if a photograph can be sourced.
  4. Using the information collected on Student Worksheet: My fishing story ask the students to write a story based on this personal experience.
  5. Display students work in the classroom to generate discussion among the class.


Best practice, Iki-jimi, recreational fishing, sustainability