2-3x 45 minute lessons

Students will study the Western blue groper in detail and compare the difference between the fiction text 'Blueback' and their written informative text in terms of structure and language.


This lesson is part of a unit of work on the text Blueback. It assumes some previous study of the text has already been completed. View the full Unit here.

Students may refer back to their research they completed in the Lesson: Exposition.

Students will require a copy of Student worksheet: Fishbone graphic organiser and Fact sheet: Western blue groper.

Students will require access to the internet and/or library to conduct further research Western blue groper.

Western Australian curriculum

English Language Text structure and organisation ACELA1504
English Literacy Interpreting, analysing, evaluating ACELY1721
Science Science understanding Biological sciences ACSSU094


  1. Blueback is a Western blue groper, a demersal species of fish found in Western Australian waters. Students will use the Fact sheet: Western blue groper, prior research they may have done in the Lesson: Exposition, and Student worksheet: Fishbone graphic organiser to research this species. Some suggested research headings include: distribution, life cycle, habitat, diet, vulnerability.
  2. Ask students to consider how the information provided in the fact sheet differs to the text in Blueback in terms of language and structure.
  3. Students will use information collected to present either a poster, presentation or report (or any other format of your choosing).


Blueback, Western Australia, Western blue groper, research, recreational species, demersal,