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Fact Sheet: Glass animals, adaptations and biology

Adaptations are specific characteristics of a living thing that increases the likelihood of its species survival in its habitat. Each species has their own suite of adaptations that can be broadly grouped into three categories: structural, functional, and behavioural. Many adaptations can be more than one type. For example, viviparous reproduction involves giving birth to live young. This involves the structural adaptation of a womb and may involve the behavioural adaptation of maternal care of young.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 03.08.2022

Fact Sheet: Whale Shark

Despite their huge size, whale sharks are docile, filter feeders that cruise the world's oceans looking for plankton.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 09.06.2022

Fact Sheet: Buccaneer Archipelago

From Collier Bay to King Sound just north of Derby, lies a group of 800 or more scattered islands and low-lying reef known as the Buccaneer Archipelago. Lying crumpled and creased, the archipelago’s shores are notched with a myriad of mangrove estuaries, bays and sand beaches, plunging cliffs and rocky masses, rugged headlands and islands, and innumerable hidden reefs.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 11.05.2020

Fact Sheet: Climate Change

The Earth's climate is not static, having changed many times throughout history in response to natural causes.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 18.06.2019

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