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Fact Sheet: Western Rock Lobster

Colourful and protected by a strong carapace, the western rock lobster is one of the family of 'spiny' lobsters - and the target of WA's largest and most valuable fishery. This fact sheet explores the basic biology of the western rock lobster.

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 17.10.2019

Fact Sheet: Commercial Fishing

Where do you get your seafood?
Do you catch it, or is it handed over the fence by your fishing obsessed neighbour or do you buy it from your local fishmonger or supermarket?

Resource type: Fact SheetLast updated: 18.06.2019

Fishy Fun Sheet: Match Up the Mess – Matching

Marine debris is the name given to rubbish that finds its way into our oceans and coastal environment. Try and match the pictures of common rubbish items with their description.

Resource type: Fishy Fun SheetLast updated: 07.06.2019

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