15 - 45 minutes

This is an introductory session that assists students in linking their classroom learning with the content they will be presented during their excursion.

This session asks students to consider how they use the marine environment and the impact they may have on it. It also provides students with an overview of the role that the Department has in sustainably managing our aquatic natural resources and how your students can contribute to their sustainable management. We will also touch on the role of other government agencies in the management of the Western Australian aquatic environment.

Senior secondary students may also discuss the Leeuwin Current as one of the driving forces of the Western Australian marine environment during this session (upon request).

General housekeeping about your visit is also covered in this session.

This session may be delivered in Whitfords Nodes park (across the road) for large groups (>60 students) – weather permitting.

This session runs for approximately 15-20 minutes for students in years K-2; 20-30 minutes for students in years 3-10 and 30-45 minutes for students in Year 11 and 12.


management, aquatic natural resource management, sustainable management, fisheries management, marine environment impact, leeuwin current