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Lesson Plans

What's My Age Again?

Students discover the process where fish otoliths are extracted and analysed to determine the age of the fish. Students will practice ageing fish using photographs of black bream sectioned otoliths and Australian herring whole otoliths.

Dissect a Fish

Students dissect a bony fish, identify the internal features and learn how these features enable the fish to survive.

Fact Sheets

Fisheries Fact Sheet: Western Blue Groper

In southern Australia, the western blue groper is actually the largest carnivorous bony fish species found living on reefs, reaching a length of up to 1.7 m and a weight of up to 40 kg.  Learn more about the biology

Fisheries Fact Sheet: Pink Snapper

Pink snapper are one of Western Australia's best-known and most sought-after fish. This fact sheet provides information on the widely distributed Pink Snapper (Pagrus auratus) and their biology.

Other Resources

Statewide Recreational Fishing Guide

From 1 February, 2013 new recreational fishing rules apply across the whole of Western Australia.


How to Get Inside a Fish's Head

Western Fisheries article by Dr Jill St John, Summer 2003/04, pg. 43

When Ears Tell Tales

Western Fisheries article by Cathy Anderson, September 2004, pg. 26-27

Save Us Your Skeletons

Western Fisheries article by S. Ireland, Dec 2008, pg. 48-49

Teacher Guides

Teacher Guide: Real Fish Real Science

Students will learn why fisheries scientists dissect fish and what information can be found from examining the external and internal structure of a fish. Students then carry out their own fish dissection, where they will get to extract the ear bones, or otoliths, from their fish. All data collected will contribute to true stock assessment data.


Australian Herring Whole Otolith PowerPoint Presentation

View slides of whole Australian herring otoliths to determine the age of each fish.  This presentation is a resource related to the 'What's My Age Again?' Lesson Plan.

Black Bream Sectioned Otolith PowerPoint Presentation

View sectioned slides of Black bream otoliths to determine the age of each fish.  This presentation is a resource related to the 'What's My Age Again?' Lesson Plan. Follow us on Facebook Fisheries Division Woodside Energy