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Flowers of the Ocean: WA’s Expansive Seagrass Meadows

Watch the flowers bloom around your home this spring, then imagine the same wonder of nature taking place underwater in fields of seagrasses within snorkelling distance of the Western Australian coast.
The shallow coastal beds shared by other unique marine plants and animals act as natural buffers against erosion and pollution. They are important nurseries and refuges for rock lobsters, prawns, starfish, mus sels, sea urchins, turtles and dugongs – some of which support the State’s lucrative commercial and recreational fisheries, not to mention leisure, sport and tourism pursuits. Carmelo Amalfi explores the beauty and biodiversity of Western Australia’s seagrass meadows, Western Fisheries article by C. Amalfi Nov 2006, pg. 6-9


  • Beachcomber
  • Biodiversity
  • Biology
  • Classification
  • Ecology
  • Human Impacts



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