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Don’t Dump That Fish!

Posted on: August 24, 2016

Dont dump that fish feature imageAquatic pests and diseases are a significant threat to Western Australia’s precious oceans and rivers. The Department of Fisheries is leading the effort to prevent them arriving and establishing themselves in our waterways with a biosecurity program using cutting edge technology, and ground-breaking management and compliance strategies.

Many people may be unaware of the problems introduced fish species cause. Small, ornamental fish common in the freshwater aquarium trade cause big problems in our waterways as they flourish, breed and compete with native species. Many introduced species will thrive in our local waterways and become detrimental to native populations. Watch the Don’t Dump That Fish video and check out this recent news post that proves how the humble little goldfish can become a massive pest if released into our waterways.

You can use our new poster, Aquatic Invaders in Western Australia to learn more about some of the introduced species now calling WA waters home. (Please note – printed copies of this poster are not yet available).

Your students can be active in promoting the ‘Don’t Dump That Fish’ message throughout the school and/or local community. Ask them to design a poster, conduct an assembly or even create a video to raise awareness of the effects of introduced fish species in our rivers and their impacts on our native fish populations. Need some inspiration? Check out these entries from the 2015 Department of Parks and Wildlife and Department of Fisheries ‘Don’t Dump That Fish’ video competition.

Pests occur in the marine environment too – take a look at the Pest Control Lesson Plan to learn more!

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