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New resources in Marine WATER’s

Posted on: August 8, 2012

Phase 2 of Marine WATERs went live last term and as part of the launch, a new In Depth resource is now available.  The In Depth series provides supplementary information for the lesson plans and draws together a range of facts, research and current issues.  There are currently two In Depths available – Living with the Leeuwin Current and Houtman Abrolhos System.

Living with the Leeuwin Current outlines the characteristics of the Leeuwin Current, the driving force of the marine environment in Western Australia.   It explains why the marine environment of WA is so different to other western seaboards in the southern hemisphere.

The Leeuwin Current has a profound effect on some of our most iconic species and marine ecosystems, including the coral spawning on Ningaloo Reef, the existence of coral reefs at Rottnest Island and settlement of western rock lobster larvae, or puerulus. 

The Houtman Abrolhos System In Depth moves from the history of the islands to the management of the isolated, but vital marine ecosystem surrounding them today. 

The Abrolhos consists of 122 islands, clustered into three groups – Wallabi, Easter and Pelsaert – some 60 kilometres off the mid-west coast of WA.  They are part of Australia’s maritime history, as several early vessels were shipwrecked on the surrounding reefs.  Probably one of the best known wrecks is the United Dutch East India Company’s Batavia, en route for the Dutch East Indies in 1629. Follow us on Facebook Fisheries Division Woodside Energy