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National Science Week is upon us!

Posted on: August 10, 2012

Coral reef.

National Science Week is an annual celebration of science in Australia and it begins this Saturday, 11 August!  To celebrate National Science Week, we’ve uploaded a suite of habitat resources and some new games to Marine WATERs!

These resources include two lesson plans on coral reefs, a lesson plan on seagrasses and two powerpoint presentations – Discovering Coral Reefs and Habitat Protectors: Seagrass Meadows.

In the Coral Reefs lesson plan, students will learn what corals are, how and where coral reefs form and the threats to corals reefs.  Once students have the foundations of knowledge about coral reefs, you could try building a coral reef with your class (Activity 2) or even make an edible coral polyp (see Activity 4 in the Marine WATERs Lesson Plan: Sharing a Shell).  These activities all provide background information for the Getting to Know Your Reef lesson plan, where students visit a local temperate or coral reef to investigate the diversity of organisms and the interactions that take place between the reef and its inhabitants.

We have five new label games too!  In these, students will label the anatomy of some common reef organisms to learn more about the creatures.  Use these games as an introduction to classifying organisms – do any of the organisms have similar anatomy?; or to discuss adaptations to the environment in which they live – what body parts do they have, where are they located and what is the advantage of this? Follow us on Facebook Fisheries Division Woodside Energy