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A Balancing Act

Posted on: March 9, 2012

Our first poster release for 2012 entitled, ‘A Balancing Act’.  This poster shows the myriad of activities that occur in the coastal and marine environment along Western Australia’s 12,500 kilometres of coastline on a daily basis.  It also identifies the number of different marine habitats that are found in Western Australia.  Obviously, these habitats and activities do not normally all occur so closely together, but with our growing population that lives increasingly close to the coast and utilising the coastal environment more and more, there is likely to be mounting pressure on our aquatic resources now and in years to come.

We recommend using this poster to promote classroom discussion about the marine and coastal environment.  Some questions you may choose to pose to your students include:

  • What terrestrial based (land-based) activities can you see occurring and what impact (if any) are they likely to have on the marine and coastal environment?
  • How many different marine habitat types can you spot?  Use the Western Fisheries Posters to learn more abut each of these habitats.
  • Identify the activities occurring in the scene that require fisheries management.  What could occur as a result of each of these activities not being managed properly?
  • What recreational fishing activities are occurring in the scene?  Which of these activities do you participate in?  What rules and regulations are you aware of for each of the activities? Follow us on Facebook Fisheries Division Woodside Energy